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Plaza chillies


From as far back as I can remember I’ve had my hands in the Cornish earth. Growing produce has been a life-long passion, but no other type of plant gives as much satisfaction as growing the humble chilli. We have been growing chillies and making chilli based products for many years and the passion to do so has never dwindled.

Fuertefire: From Cornwall to the Canary Islands

The name Fuertefire reflects our Spanish and British fusion and translates as Strong or Robust heat. Given that all our cooking is done outdoors, on the griddle or, a la plancha and our hot food is enhanced with the inclusion of either, fresh, dried chillies, or is enhanced by the additions on one of our chilli sauces, chilli chutneys, or chilli oil infusion, we thought this name very apt.

We grow our chillies on our land in Triquivijate in the municipality of Antigua on the hot and windy island of Fuerteventura. The harsh but beautiful climate here makes growing chillies a challenge, but ultimately helps us produce chillies with a heat and depth of flavour we have yet to experience elsewhere. We grow chillies because we love them, and because we use them in our kitchen, at our events, and in our street food.

We use the same chillies to produce our chilli sauces, chutneys, jams and oil infusions in both Fuerteventura, and in Cornwall.

Having the right Chilli

For our Caribbean cuisine and hot sauces we use hot and fruity Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets; for Thai dishes we use our Birds Eye and the hot Thai Demon. For our curries and chutneys we use beautifully flavourfull Indian varieties such as the Guntur chilli or for the serious heat lover we use the famous Naga or Ghost Chilli, the Trinidad Scorpion and the Carolina Reaper. One of our favorites here is the humble Padron, a fantastic mild pepper used in our Spanish dishes and Tapas, but beware, the odd one in the pack can deliver a real kick.

All our chillies are lovingly grown organically and our chilli products are hand made, organic and free from artificial additives, gluten and lactose.

“Passion that is so deep within that all we need to do is release the passion inside so that we become energized with a newness that all will want to share in”. (M. Lee)
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chilli oil
Chilli Infused Olive Oil